Registration & Renewal Blue Member

Welcome in 2023 !!!
As previously informed, for those of you who have been members of the Orthosociety Blue Member since before July 2022, then Your membership has ended on December 31st, 2024.
For this reason, we invite you to renew your membership before February 28th, 2024 so that you can still benefit from being a Blue Member Orthosociety.

For those of you who will not renew your membership, you can still communicate and join the Whatsapp Group, Share your cases or any info on our

General Orthosociety’s Facebook Group:


For those of you who register as a Blue Member Orthosociety after July 2022, your membership will end on July 31, 2024.
Henceforth, membership will be valid for 1 year according to the date you register or renew your membership.

The details for the membership fee are as follows:

– New Member Registration is USD 300 (Including One Year Fee)
– Renewal of Membership USD 130 Per Year

(+44) 7477 477308

IDFull NameRegionJoined SinceValid Until
10084Dr Mohammad FaizMalaysia2015 EXPIRED 2020
10085Dr Tammy Lee PMalaysia2015 EXPIRED 2020
10086Dr Lois Ding WenMalaysia2015 EXPIRED 2020
10169Dr Fikriah Mohd YusoffMalaysia2016 EXPIRED 2020
10170Dr Munirah Mohd RosaliMalaysia2016 EXPIRED 2020
10171Dr Nor Ikhwan Abu BakarMalaysia2016 EXPIRED 2020
10217Dr Nurul Sakinah Binti JailaniMalaysia2016 EXPIRED 2020
10282Dr Nurharzlena Binti HarunMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10283Dr Siti Fatimah Binti Mohamad RohaniMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10284Dr Nurul Auni Binti MD SallehMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10285Dr Diti Filzah Binti FaridudinMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10286Dr Shahneza Binti AhmadMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10287Dr Adhwa Anis Binti ZulkarnainMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10288Dr Nurin Nadia Binti NgatimanMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10289Dr Ahmad Ikram Bin AzmiMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10290Dr Nurul Syakinah Binti Abdul RafarMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10291Dr Marlynda AhmadMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10310Dr Japarudin Bin TamelMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10311Dr Sani Bin MohamadMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10312Dr Noridayatul Aizan YusofMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10313Dr Fatainah Binti HussanMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10314Dr Sydi Ahmad Luqman Bin RoslanMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10315Dr Hanis Alia Binti NgadnanMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10316Dr Nur Liyana Binti MohamadMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10317Dr Dayana Hatin Binti KasimMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10318Dr Muhammad Syazwan Bin SalahudinMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10319Dr Nor Syazana Binti Mohd NorMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10324Dr Nurdini Binti AbdullahMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10329Dr Ashraf Marwan Bin YahayaMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10336Dr Nur Ain Hair JohariMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10337Dr Ahmad HafizMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10338Dr Abdul HafizMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10339Dr SabriMalaysia2017 EXPIRED 2020
10361Dr Abdul HafizMalaysia2018 EXPIRED 2020
10410Dr Shazana SukimanMalaysia2018 EXPIRED 2020
10411Dr Adri SurjanaMalaysia2018 EXPIRED 2020
10412Dr Naim Hair JohariMalaysia2018 EXPIRED 2020
10456Dr Nurul Ain Binti Mohd FawziMalaysia2019 EXPIRED 2020
10457Dr Iradah AzamiMalaysia2019 EXPIRED 2020
10458Dr Farah Adila Binti Abdul FatahMalaysia2019 EXPIRED 2020
10459Dr Muhammad Fawwaz Bin Muhammad FauzyMalaysia2019 EXPIRED 2020
10460Dr Rashidah Hannan Binti Mohd RoshdyMalaysia2019 EXPIRED 2020
10461Dr Puteri Alia Binti Mohd TarmidziMalaysia2019 EXPIRED 2020
10462Dr Muhammad Furqon Bin Abd RahimMalaysia2019 EXPIRED 2020