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Gold Member of Orthosociety

Gold is the level for members who are currently attending the Diploma Program and following 2 years of study (online and offline), for more information contact us.

IDFull NameRegionBatchStatus
20001Dr Aninditya Puji KIndonesia2017GRADUTED
20002Dr Santi SultanahIndonesia2017GRADUTED
20003Dr Sutji LestariIndonesia2017GRADUTED
20004Dr AnastasiaIndonesia2017GRADUTED
20005Dr Nurul ainiIndonesia2017GRADUTED
20006Dr Stefanus SiswoyoIndonesia2017GRADUTED
20007Dr Agatya Bhakti HIndonesia2017GRADUTED
20008Dr Japarudin Bin TamelMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20009Dr Noridayatul Aizan YusofMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20010Dr Fatainah Binti HussanMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20011Dr Nur Liyana Binti MohamadMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20012Dr Dayana Hatin Binti KasimMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20013Dr Muhammad Syazwan Bin SalahudinMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20014Dr Hanis Alia Binti NgadnanMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20015Dr Nurul Syakinah Binti Abdul RafarMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20016Dr Siti Fatimah Mohamad RohaniMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20017Dr Muzaina Ahmad BasriMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20018Dr Halizah Binti HashimMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20019Dr JoanMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20020Dr Sharon JasnyMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20021Dr Mohd Afnan Hamimi Bin MohamadMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20022Dr Nurul Fadzila A. KadirMalaysia2017GRADUTED
20023Dr Tee Xiao YingMalaysia2018
20024Dr Nur Ezureen Binti Abdul RahmanMalaysia2018
20025Dr Jane Ngu Kui LingMalaysia2018
20026Dr Chong Zhi JieMalaysia2018
20027Dr Yuen Jun KitMalaysia2018
20028Dr Sri Suraya Binti SajaliMalaysia2018
20029Dr Nurul Ain FawzyMalaysia2018
20030Dr IsmailIndonesia2018
20031Dr Indiastuti PrimawestriIndonesia2018
20032Dr Dian EkawatiIndonesia2018
20033Dr Vincentius AlvianIndonesia2018
20034Dr Shazana SukimanIndonesia2018
20035Dr AdriIndonesia2018
20036Dr Nur Ain Hair JohariIndonesia2018
20037Dr MasadahIndonesia2018
20038Dr Fitri RachmawantiIndonesia2018
20039Dr MelindaIndonesia2018
20040Dr Rizqi Aulia OktariniIndonesia2018
20041Dr Verna Herawati HosalIndonesia2018
20042Dr Irina PurwaningrumIndonesia2018
20043Dr Efi RusdianaIndonesia2018
20044Dr Indriani KusnoIndonesia2018
20045Dr JeanytaIndonesia2018
20046Dr Deliyana ImeldaIndonesia2018
20047Dr MadonnaIndonesia2018
20048Dr KawonoIndonesia2018
20049Dr Wahyudi HartantoIndonesia2018
20050Dr Rizqa DharmayantyIndonesia2019
20051Dr Teguh Pratama NugrahaIndonesia2019
20052Dr Wawan RusdiIndonesia2019
20053Dr I Ketut Agus PrasetyoIndonesia2019
20054Dr Tentia VitarianiIndonesia2019
20055Dr Iin SuwandariIndonesia2019
20056Dr Riah YunindawatiIndonesia2019
20057Dr Alexander SitepuIndonesia2019
20058Dr MeiviIndonesia2019
20059Dr Metta RiaIndonesia2019
20060Dr Elsa ChristinaIndonesia2019
20061Dr GildasyaIndonesia2019
20062Dr JasmineIndonesia2019
20063Dr Gifford Adiel SantosoIndonesia2019
20064Dr ChristianieIndonesia2019
20065Dr Shinta R D NdaumanuIndonesia2019
20066Dr Mega MustikaIndonesia2019
20067Dr Vania ChristianiIndonesia2019
20068Dr Renny WijayaIndonesia2020
20069Dr Yuliyanti WijayaIndonesia2020
20070Dr Dian YunitaIndonesia2020
20071Dr Hilda MIndonesia2020
20072Dr Evie FitrianiIndonesia2020
20073Dr DhinintyaIndonesia2020
20074Dr Fatihatur RohmahIndonesia2020
20075Dr SutrisnaIndonesia2020
20076Dr Elly NawangsihIndonesia2020
20077Dr Riris Gustina SariIndonesia2020
20078Dr LindaIndonesia2020
20079Dr FridawatiIndonesia2020
20080Dr Melisa GunawanIndonesia2020
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