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Fellow of Orthosociety

Fellow is level for member has passed Diploma Program, has passed the written examination, presented cases, and has successfully submited cases, and also followed 2 years of studied (online and offline), for more information please feel free to contact us.

IDFull NameRegionBatchStatus
30008Dr Japarudin Bin TamelMalaysia2017FELLOW
30009Dr Noridayatul Aizan YusofMalaysia2017FELLOW
30010Dr Fatainah Binti HussanMalaysia2017FELLOW
30011Dr Nur Liyana Binti MohamadMalaysia2017FELLOW
30012Dr Dayana Hatin Binti KasimMalaysia2017FELLOW
30013Dr Muhammad Syazwan Bin SalahudinMalaysia2017FELLOW
30014Dr Hanis Alia Binti NgadnanMalaysia2017FELLOW
30015Dr Nurul Syakinah Binti Abdul RafarMalaysia2017FELLOW
30016Dr Siti Fatimah Mohamad RohaniMalaysia2017FELLOW
30017Dr Muzaina Ahmad BasriMalaysia2017FELLOW
30018Dr Halizah Binti HashimMalaysia2017FELLOW
30019Dr JoanMalaysia2017FELLOW
30020Dr Sharon JasnyMalaysia2017FELLOW
30021Dr Mohd Afnan Hamimi Bin MohamadMalaysia2017FELLOW
30022Dr Nurul Fadzila A. KadirMalaysia2017FELLOW